Electric Power Free Market.
Reliable supply of power at a competitive price

We make the best strategy for your company viable.

Electricity supply
Management and Representation

Free Power Market allows consumers the free choice of suppliers. It is a viable option for companies that have a demand equal or higher than 500KW. Being able to negotiate prices, contract periods and power volume. Providing savings, transparency and better quality services.


The Free Power Market in Brazil, started to encourage free competition and thus reduce electric power costs.

Check where the request contracted by your company fits, identify its consumer qualification - Free or Special - and the type of power source that it could buy in the Free Market.



Free choice of suppliers

Exemption of tariff flags

Budget forecast

Development of commercial strategies

More competitive prices

Power for companies of the same group

Adjustment of power purchase to the production process

Contracting renewable sources

Managing electric power as raw material

Without distinction of Peak and Off-Peak prices in power supply


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Léros Comercializadora is ready to offer power supply contracts via its own portfolio or mediating contracts with other suppliers for the following agents:



Energy Management and Representation

✔ Developing strategies for the management and negotiation of power contracts.

✔ Regulatory Follow-up

✔ Contract management, maintenance and representation at the CCEE.

✔ Market Intelligence.

✔ Monthly comparative report Captive X Free.

✔ Monthly power balance report.

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