Gastrading is the Group’s company certified to facilitate economic power consumption solutions for major consumers by using natural gas, as soon as the full implementation of free gas market is made official in Brazil. The advantages of natural gas are uncountable: clean combustion, low environmental impact, easy transport and handling as well as safe use. For these reasons, major companies are more and more interested in knowing the alternatives represented by using this fuel.

The sector’s legislation, as of the enactment of Law 11.909/2009 - known as the “Gas Law” - broke the monopoly of distribution concessions and established that “free consumers” will have the option of acquiring natural gas form any producing, importing or commercializing agent.

The rules for legal framing as Free Consumer still vary from state to state and during the last years have indicated a liberalization which, as soon as it is totally approved, will offer an excellent power generation and commercialization alternative.

Gastrading is prepared to act in this market and has been gathering clients and partners interested in taking part in this new model of transformation, generation, consumption and commercialization of natural gas as a sustainable and free source.