Transformation is the specialty of Leros Green Tech, an industry featuring cutting edge and last generation technology for the reuse of plastics. Materials originating from post industrial and residential consumption, are transformed into liquid petrochemical products and synthetic gases for different market segments.

Léros Green Tech interacts with raw material suppliers such as:
Municipalities, government agencies, industries, environmental services and solutions companies, NGOs, Cooperatives, recyclers in general and recycled materials distributers.

The main types of plastics used in our processes are:



In the macroeconomics, Léros Green Tech’s activities reduce the volume of oil by – products which are currently being imported by the Brazilian industries to meet the domestic market, improving the result of the Brazilian trade balance.

Ongoing investments in an 85 thousand sq. mts. plant in Votorantim – interior of the State of São Paulo – to put into practice what we already operate in a laboratory scale.

Research and innovation are the drivers of this branch of the Léros Group. Our Development Center contains a modern and equipped Laboratory to service market niches which are still unexplored, with top quality at every new product developed. Diverse raw materials are tested to pursue process optimization and cost reduction in the development of new products, to make clean energy generation alternatives and new plastic reuse possibilities feasible.


We make our technology available and we implement it through the following formats:

1. Technology Concession and Licensing
2. Joint Venture
3. Sales and Services
4. Commercialization of the catalyzer
5. PPP: Public-Private Partnership

Participating in this journey is to believe that the process can change the plastics' end result, where the reuse of these materials reduces the environmental impact.